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As a business Cotswold Lighting and Power were looking to stand out amongst their competitors by offering a range of services to suit the needs of the modern customer, this included designer lighting installations, as well as high tech, integrated audiovisual equipment. 

They wanted to create a retro look combined with a contemporary urban twist. The logo design reflects the electrical elements used in lighting and robust typography ties everything together. 

The website design was built around the basic brand concepts and strong imagery to reflect the look and feel of the service. The site is responsive and mobile-friendly.  


“Imogen was incredibly professional to work with. I had an idea I’m my head which I attempted to explain to Imogen, In our next meeting she presented to me the exact logo and website I was looking for. Imogen has brilliant ideas and puts them across fantastically. Super service and I highly recommend her.”

Luke Smith-Daniel 

Cotswold Lighting & Power

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