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An exciting project working alongside the talented and well known, concept artist Fausto De Martini to create a printed art book and crowdfunding campaign as a follow on from his first PROJECT EDGE ebook.

Fausto has spent many years working on films such as Avatar and Ironman but has always had this personal work in running in the background.

I was very fortunate to be introduced to Imogen when I was looking for a talented layout and graphic designer to work with me on EDGE 2 Art Book. She is not only very talented and has been pushing the quality of my project, but also she is extremely professional, responsive and organized. Every time I sent designs to Imi, she would blow my expectations and push the bar, so she became an integral part of EDGE 2.
I highly recommend Imogen as a graphic designer; you will not only get a high level of quality but also professional and highly motivated! 


Fausto De Martini
Concept Designer and creator of Project EDGE

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